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Emberview's Little Brady of Whyte Paws

Brady is a Red Tri with dark copper highlights and a nice mane. Brady is a go getter , loves the out doors and chasing the squirrels up the trees.  Brady stands 16" and weighs about 23 lbs . Brady is out of Cricket . Bradly is clear of PRA HC MDR1. Brady is co owned with Whyte Paws. Brady has produced one litter of pups with a good variety of colours . Brady is possibly for sale to an approved home.  I believe he is going to make a nice stud dog, he is just a bit bigger than we were hoping for.

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CircleKFarms Emberviews Travlin Man

Rusty Blk Tri with 2 brown eyes.  Rusty stands only 11" and weighing in at 10 lbs.  He is a laid back little dog and a bit more true to the breed a bit reserved with strangers but great with other animals. He is quite little guy you hardly know he’s around except that he’s right there at your heels. Rusty has been tested for PRA HC MDR1 CLEAR   

Gabbie a Rusty daughter at Whyte Paws


Emberview Toy Aussies



My Boys

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Emberviews Rodeo Rambler Downunder"

Dundee finished his Championship in the show ring 2012. He loves to be out working, whether its playing Frisbee or working the cattle he just loves to please. Dundee earned Top Toy Aussie in the ABIDS Dog Shows 2011 and 2012. Dundee passes on his great temperament to his off spring. He has passed all his health clearances also his hips and eyes. He is just a great around dog and companion. A total pleasure to own such a nice guy. Had all his testing done PRA HC MDR1 all clear . Hips excellent

Stella D'Oro full grown

Rusty Poppy baby

Rusty puppy